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Prose is a reading and writing community that provides an innovative social platform for ... More

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Published 18 Feb 2016

There have been positives and negatives to the world of writing since the introduction of the ebook and kindle a few years back. On the one hand there seems to be less physical books on the shelves of stores but on the positive side, it has opened things up to the point where virtually anyone can now write and be published electronically. All that's needed is some inspiration and a good writing style. That's the difficult part!

Prose is a very cool reading and writing community that provides an innovative social platform for creating and consuming all types of literature. It's a place where your words are never censored and your thoughts unrestricted while your original work always remains 100% your own. It provides a unique opportunity to get your words published and in print. If you've got something to share, you can just download Prose, sign in, publish your words, read and get involved.

Prose's mission is to encourage and empower writers by providing the right technology and the best social media tools to deliver a new, fully accessible and totally interactive writing experience using your own words. The app offers support, knowledge and valuable insights into everything needed to begin or enhance your literary career.

It also provides a unique opportunity for both writers and readers. It givers budding authors and poets a chance to be featured in the  monthly Prose Anthologies along with other scholarly incentives including a $100 'challenge of the...