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People-to-people lending. It’s an old idea that’s new again.
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Published 16 Sep 2011

With the banks reputations nose-diving daily and both borrowers and investors suffering as a consequence, Peer to Peer lending is a great way to cut them out of the equation altogether. has been around for a while now and has funded personal loans worth $256 million. The simple principle of introducing people with money to invest to people who want to borrow gives both parties the opportunity to get much better rates than they would at the hands of the men in grey suits.

Creditworthy borrowers log-in, register and then complete the loan application section setting out the amount required and some detail about what the money will be used for. Loans are available from between $2,000 - $25,000. They are then credit checked and rated before the loan is listed on the site for investors to view. The interest rate set will be based on the rating.

Investors who register can then view the listings and decide which of the loan requests they are happy to support based on the risk rating and detail of the loans purpose. They can commit all of their funds to one case or perhaps more sensibly spread the risk by offering a proportion. Each loan stays on the listing for 14 days and borrowers and investors can track the level of funding pledged to each case.

Only if a loan receives full funding will it be granted, there is no capacity to advance whatever money has been pledged...