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Let us present our new game for Android tablets Protologic (Stack the Marbles)

In this simple yet addictive logical game you will have to move marbles of various colors on a game board. The slots for the marbles are organized into pyramids; there is one main pyramid in the center and one or more supplemental pyramids around it. The game starts with the main pyramid fully filled with randomly shuffled marbles. Your goal is to move the marbles back and forth between the pyramids so that all marbles in the main pyramid are sorted by color (all marbles of the same color are in the same row).

You can set up your own board by selecting the size of the main pyramid and the number and sizes of supplemental pyramids. You can also play a scenario (easy, medium, or hard) where you need to go through a sequence of levels with time or count limits.

A demo version of the game has 3 levels, while full game has more than 180 levels of 3 levels of difficulty.

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Last updated 6 Mar 2013