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ProxyPic is an online tool that brings you a simple bird's-eye view of how localization affects ... More

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Published 21 Dec 2011

If you are serious about your online business you will no doubt adopt several different tools to analyze how your website is performing. The are so many different kinds of analytical tools available out there right now. Tools where you can check your traffic and even tools to work out which parts of your site are working better than others. But two areas that arent often analyzed are how others see you from different countries around the world and how your competitors sites look compared to your own. Proxypic is an analytical tool that gives you a great overview of how others see you online and if you need to change anything to match a competitor's website.

ProxyPic is an online tool that brings you a simple and worldwide bird's-eye view of how localization affects your website or advertising campaign as well as local search results. ProxyPic takes snapshots of your website, local search results or even your competitors in different countries. Simply enter the keyword or URL of the page you wish to check worldwide and they will take care of the rest. It's a great tool for a quick overview before a SEO campaign takes place or to track flaws in your monetization process. ProxyPic helps you monetize your website with a clear view of how your ads, content and language changes in different countries actually work and you can even track local search results. You can also monitor and record what your competitors are...