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PulpTunes Reloaded is a service that turns your browser into a music streaming server. Just ... More

Editor's review

Published 17 Sep 2012

Probably the best way of describing Pulp Tunes Reloaded isn't necessarily by describing to you just what this music streaming application is. It might be more interesting to tell you what it isn't. The big difference between this music streamer and similar outcome apps like iTunes, Google's Play Music and Amazon's Cloud Player is that there is no cloud technology involved. Pulp Tunes is a simple yet powerful tool that effectively turns your browser into a music streaming service where you can easily drag and drop your music right into your websites and receive a URL that will give you (or anyone else you care to share it with, if it comes to that) access to your music wherever you are.
Do you want to access your home music collection when you are at your office? Or maybe you want to play your music at a friend's party or want to  let other people access your collection from elsewhere in the world? Well, PulpTunes Reloaded is, so far, the only 100% browser based music streaming service in the world. It's reason for existence is to turn your browser into a music streaming server by letting you drag-and-drop your music folders and playlists right into your web page. Pulp Tunes is certainly not your typical cloud music service as the URL returned to you effectively turns your browser into a file streaming server that supports MP3, AAC (M4A) and WAV files. The other big bonus with Pulp Tunes is something that has always baffled me. Why on earth can you not download cover artwork  when you buy an album from iTunes? When you use Pulp Tunes Reloaded your cover art is embedded in your files - a major bonus for the avid music fan. The one thing you have to remember here though, and it's pretty important, is that in order to drag and drop your files initially you will need to use Chrome for its advanced HTML5 techniques. However, you can use any browser you like to play your files.
When they subtitled this app as a 'Stupid Easy' Music Streaming Server what they really meant was that anyone can use it and it excels in user-friendliness. There is nothing to install (not even Flash) and you wont have to have a degree in computer science to use it. But what Pulp Tunes really lets you do is to access your music collection at home wherever you are - and you are no more dependent on using iTunes. There is a free version and a premium version of PulpTunes - the latter involving a one-off payment of ten bucks or so. Whether you just want your music collection in another room, another town or another country, Pulp Tunes means you can do it with just a simple URL.

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