Developer description

Need an interesting word game to play with friends? From kids to parents to grandparents and friends this new trivia word game will provide plenty of fun and entertainment for hours. Download Pun Play for free!
Both enthralling and educational, this brain training game for all is trendy and simple. Try to figure out the answer from a group of letters or use the entire alphabet to make a phrase to get a humorous hint!
Figuring these puzzles out will be a challenge but once they are solved it will be quite the delight! Enlightening and informational, the hints will help many look at things in a new perspective.
Phrases can be discovered by selecting letters of the alphabet but don’t worry about guessing wrong! Once you get the phrase you can select the word itself and figure it out! For instance: what can an UNDERWATER ENTERTAINER infer from the letters LCWRIFOFTNHAS? If you guessed CLOWN FISH you’re right!
Take on Pun Play for a great deal of fun. Use new phrases and see if friends can guess what you’re saying. Download Pun Play for your phone today!

Last updated 25 May 2018

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