Developer description

Do you like solving cryptic crossword puzzles? And what about lateral thinking problems? Just add a little bit of pun wordplay and look no further! Pun Quiz is all about thinking outside the box and playing with words to find the answers to some intricate visual conundrums.

With 150 lovingly crafted hand-drawn puns to start with, spread out in three difficulty levels, Pun Quiz was born to fill a gap in the classic quiz games: something witty and sharp, that will keep you scratching your head for a while until you delightfully get the right answers, and at the same time something entertaining, colourful and nice to look at, not just ye olde plain word puzzles. Find synonyms, swap words around, say things out loud and even using different accents... all these are good techniques to follow so you can reach the correct answers.

Free updates with more puns will be available in the future, and suggestions for new puns are accepted through social channels, the plan is to keep it moving!

So go ahead, challenge yourself and your friends in this twisted wordplay game, and see if you can guess them all! Just ask yourself: what do you SEE?

Last updated 16 Sep 2015