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Developer description

A new interpretation of a classic favorite. Puppet Play begins with a magic Jack-in-the-box sliding onto the stage. Inviting music tempts baby to start the show, and Pop!, the antics begin. Each time the box pops open, parents and babies are treated to a funny live-action puppet show featuring one of our charming Birds of a Feather characters-zany avian actors who try to outdo each other in an attempt to win over baby's affections.

Together-Time Fun With a Purpose

Puppet Play was designed to delight both parents and babies while fostering together time. Musical cues invite baby to interact with the Jack-in-the-box, and make connections between tapping and the resulting pop-up surprise.
Three levels of play - Watch, Tap Anywhere and Tap the Box - support different styles of engagement and interaction.

Gain Insights
The Play Journal summarizes baby's game-play activity in a simple chart and time log. After each play session, a Tap Map is displayed showing where baby touched the screen. Tap accuracy is calculated in Tap-the-Box play mode. Over time, parents will enjoy seeing baby's accuracy improve.

Last updated 2 Nov 2013