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Published 16 Dec 2014

Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating things about dealing with businesses is trying to communicate with them. Whether it is dealing with an automated telephone system where you have to press countless buttons just to reach a human being or simply being kept on hold for ages listening to bad Kenny G musak. It's not an ideal situation. Big business does have the benefit of having plenty of staff to answer queries but, if you are a small organization, you generally aren't afforded that luxury. Pure Chat is a live chat application for iOS and Android that lets you place a fully customizable chat widget on your website and have immediate conversations with customers to answer their queries directly.
Communication between business and customers has become one of the modern day business conundrums. Lets face it, no one Iikes to be put on hold but it seems almost inevitable these days. Either that, or you get presented with a whole bunch of number options that ends up being 5 minutes of your life that you'll never get back - and all you really wanted was a simple answer to a simple question that would have probably taken less than 30 seconds to answer. To solve this, Pure Chat lets small business and its customers partake in live chat and get immediately connected to the team. They can access the chat on either their desktop or their mobile via a widget that can be placed on the site. All aspects of the chat widget that customers see are fully customizable - meaning that the color, text and style can be tailored to seamlessly match your brand. There's also an option called “hosted chat pages” that allows you to link to your live chat widget from Etsy, Craigslist - or even your email signature - without having to use any complicated coding. Pure Chat offers both iOS and Android versions of the app as well as a Kindle version to answer chats, and features hosted chat pages that can be linked to - from anywhere. The app carries a record of your chat transcripts as well as daily and cumulative statistics to keep track of chat numbers and to see how well your operators are performing based on visitor ratings. You can even link up to Google Analytics to track reaction and responses. Operators can easily add users, set passwords, edit users, manage roles and delete users from right inside the operator dashboard. Create, copy and paste stored responses to frequently asked questions and access them from inside the active chat. The app itself was specifically designed for everyday usage and, while simple to use, it is powerful enough to manage multiple customer chats. Even if you don't have a website, the stand-alone chat pages work exactly the same as a chat widget. You can just link people to the chat page's custom URL in email signatures, product listings or anywhere else that you want instant customer chat! All chat sessions are secured safely through SSL enabled encryption.
Pure Chat is a great all-round answer to the perennial problem of customer communication for small business. This live chat software is simple to use, easy to navigate and plenty powerful and gives instant communication between you and your customers. No longer will your team members have to sit on the phone answering the same question and no longer will your customer get fed up waiting for someone to become free and answer simple questions. Amazingly, Pure Chat is completely free for teams of any size who only rack up 30 chats or less per month! But, even for more active users, it’s still only US$5 per month per operator. This gives small business the chance to offer awesome customer service to their clients without having to break the budget. You'll be available to your customers when 'on-the-go' as well as in the office and you can answer chats directly from your iOS, Android or Kindle device.

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