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Tired of being put on hold? Us too. That’s why Pure Chat enables small businesses and customers ... More

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Published 16 Dec 2014

Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating things about dealing with businesses is trying to communicate with them. Whether it is dealing with an automated telephone system where you have to press countless buttons just to reach a human being or simply being kept on hold for ages listening to bad Kenny G musak. It's not an ideal situation. Big business does have the benefit of having plenty of staff to answer queries but, if you are a small organization, you generally aren't afforded that luxury. Pure Chat is a live chat application for iOS and Android that lets you place a fully customizable chat widget on your website and have immediate conversations with customers to answer their queries directly.
Communication between business and customers has become one of the modern day business conundrums. Lets face it, no one Iikes to be put on hold but it seems almost inevitable these days. Either that, or you get presented with a whole bunch of number options that ends up being 5 minutes of your life that you'll never get back - and all you really wanted was a simple answer to a simple question that would have probably taken less than 30 seconds to answer. To solve this, Pure Chat lets small business and its customers partake in live chat and get immediately connected to the team. They can access the chat on either their desktop or their mobile via a widget that can be placed on...