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Published 16 Dec 2014

[cont'd] customer chat! All chat sessions are secured safely through SSL enabled encryption.
Pure Chat is a great all-round answer to the perennial problem of customer communication for small business. This live chat software is simple to use, easy to navigate and plenty powerful and gives instant communication between you and your customers. No longer will your team members have to sit on the phone answering the same question and no longer will your customer get fed up waiting for someone to become free and answer simple questions. Amazingly, Pure Chat is completely free for teams of any size who only rack up 30 chats or less per month! But, even for more active users, it’s still only US$5 per month per operator. This gives small business the chance to offer awesome customer service to their clients without having to break the budget. You'll be available to your customers when 'on-the-go' as well as in the office and you can answer chats directly from your iOS, Android or Kindle device.