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Forget Paper. Business has changed. Customers and companies expect to obtain data in real-time and do not want to wait for paper forms to be faxed, or worse, transcribed manually. PushForms provides instant error-free data collection using a smartphone or tablet device. We can match the data to your existing reports and integrate into your existing software systems.
Collect data in three easy steps
1. Define your Form Our Excel like editor will have you creating forms in minutes. We support over 20+ different field types for collecting data.
2. Collect Data with the App We support the latest smartphones and tablets. We manage all app updates, enabling you to focus on your business not dealing with app store approvals and requirements. Forms can be sent by SMS, Email, or anywhere a link can be embedded.
3. Integrate your Data Collected data can be transformed into common formats: PDF, JSON, XML, and Excel. We provide a developer friendly API for advanced integrations. Data can be sent to your servers or integrated with 300+ applications. No programming is required.

Last updated 24 Feb 2015

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