Developer description

PushMon is a new kind of SaaS monitoring system. Instead of checking public facing servers on a regular basis, PushMon will wait for pings from the objects being monitored. These objects are usually batch jobs, scheduled/cron scripts, backups, or test scripts, but really are anything that has access to the internet and can call a URL on a regular basis. If PushMon does not receive the URL "ping" by the specified schedule (like every hour, or every day or even by 5:00 PM every Fri), it will send an alert (email, IM, SMS, Twitter and/or phone call).
PushMon complements your existing monitoring infrastructure. PushMon does not check your website every N minutes to see if it’s up or not. Most monitoring services already do that. PushMon monitors what existing monitoring services cannot. External monitoring services cannot check non public websites, internal applications, batch jobs and scripts. Internal monitoring services can check internal websites but not suitable for application, batch and script monitoring.
PushMon fills in the gap. PushMon is in stealth mode, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't write about PushMon until May 24. We will use the next few weeks to do private beta testing to prepare for our release which is scheduled for June 14, 2012.

Last updated 29 May 2012