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PuXXles - a totally new way of communication!
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Published 9 Dec 2012

There are some apps that can only be described as copies of others... and there are others that are truly innovative. These are the ones like Instagram and Pinterest that offer something the others don't and, when they reach their tipping point, there's no stopping them. PuXxies could well be one of those apps that takes off. This fun social communication application for iOS offers a new way of communicating with your friends that appeals to the Sherlock Holmes in us all. You have to solve a unique, encrypted puzzle in order to reveal your message.
PuXXles is a next generation way of communication for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that lets you get social...but with a twist. Communicate with your friends in a new and fun way and turn your social messaging into something more mysterious. PuXXies lets you create puzzles and riddles to send encrypted messages to your friends and the only way they can see your messages is to solve the riddle or assemble the puzzle. Only then can it be seen what other players have sent you whether it be a picture or a joke, your favorite new song, a story you want to tell, a flirty connection or even some tokens for your favorite app. PuXXies offers a fairly extensive step-by-step run through to show you its capabilities and what you can share and even how to create and solve the puzzles. You can sign in through your Facebook account and earn credits immediately - just by logging in and filling out your profile. You can test your problem solving skills and get inspired by trying to solve some of the top puzzles created by others so you get the hang of it but these credits can be used to cheat a bit to unlock problems, if you can't solve them by yourself. Once you have mastered the concept you can start creating your own riddles and puzzles to send them encrypted to your friends - either Q&A style or a picture puzzle. Add your text, photos or music and send your message on its way. You can even send it anonymously if you like to add a little more mystery. Your friends then have to solve them before they can read your message.
PuXXies is a lot of fun and adds a little more mystery to social messaging. It's easy to use but it’s the detailed tutorials that make it a breeze and I fully recommend you take a few minutes to look at them before you start. It features a nice interface with great graphics and comes across as a very pleasant user experience. Personalize it with your favorite colors, backgrounds and fonts as well as music from your own library and if you are really serious you can even record your own messages to make it even more personal. Is PuXXies going to be the next big thing? Well, it’s certainly a great concept and a new form of social messaging that ups the fun level quite nicely… so there's no reason why it can't be.

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