Developer description

Simple but addictive word guessing game, inspired by Wordle / Jotto / Word Mastermind with loads of new features on top and no adverts, purchases or data, ever.

What makes it different
I'm aiming to make a very high quality, established game that everyone can play for free, with no adverts. Whilst the base logic is the same as jotto/lingo/wordle/mastermind, I've added number mode, various sizes, totals, timers and still hopefully kept it quite minimal/simple to play.
I've fine tuned things like cursors, border-patterns/arrows/icons on top of colours for accessibility purposes, multiple themes, as big a keyboard as I can make, loads of features / toggles etc.

- Play offline at any time, as many times as you wish.
- 3700 words in en-GB (British English) and en-US (US English)
- 2000 5-letter, 6 and 7 words in es-ES (Spanish)
- 2500 words in fr-FR (French)
- Puzzle modes for 4, 5, 6 and 7 letter words
- Number mode, with 4,5,6 and 7 digit number puzzles.
- Win statistics, with sharing options
- Winning streak and longest streak stats
- Ability to enter keys in any order by clicking on them.
- Timer and fastest result tracking
- Number total mode where you're shown the sum of the answer, to help you decipher the puzzle
- 9 color themes, including a high-contrast theme and “Beeber’s Theme”, aimed at different sight preferences / color deficiencies
- Persistence so games can continue after closing the app

** Game Options / Toggles ***
- Disable letters that we know are not in the word (makes it harder than Wordle)
- Hide incorrect keys to make the keyboard options smaller and make it easier to visualise than other number or word puzzle games
- Allow submission of non dictionary words to allow for easier deciphering of hard puzzles.
- Toggle to automatically fill in previously correct guesses.
- Haptic feedback option that makes your device vibrate on performing an action
- Option to switch the delete and submit keys

** Other features ***
- Aiming to be accessible by default. Big focus on colors and border styles, accessibility labels and touchable areas.- 8 color themes including high visibility
- Letter cursor on screen to show your current input

Last updated 18 Mar 2022

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