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Ever looking for a password tool that can help you manage your all kinds of sensitive information? Among all the already available apps, PwdBook is worth trying. PwdBook is a free, open-source app for Android, designed for both tablets and phones. With the integration with Google Drive, you can always securely cloud save the data and access it from your different Android devices. Compared to sending your data to an unknown server, perhaps saving data in your own Google Drive space is more favorable.
Apart from the synchronization, it also features automatic password generation. So you will not need to think of a strong password to stay secure, and just leave it to PwdBook. Simple to access, and flexible to define the options, you can just get a strong password in a second. Unlike most of the other password tools, PwdBook let you save any data in any form. Some apps require you to define templates first, for example, a template for storing emails, and another for storing forum accounts. Other apps just simply have a fixed structure, and you cannot put any additional information in case you have. These will not happen in PwdBook, thanks to its support for “free editing”.
You just need to add a line to put the extra information and simply delete the unwanted. If you are using Google apps, you may find them fantastic new look since the update in last December. Well, that is Material Design, which is widely used in Android Lollipop. And PwdBook uses it as well. With smooth and meaningful animations, bold colors, PwdBook looks simple and modern. Apart from the default theme, other color themes are also possible with a setting. As a password tool, security should always come first. And PwdBook is secure, equipped with AES-256 encryption. Even others stole the data; they simply cannot know what it is without knowing your master password.
Want to give it a try? You can download it from Google Play:

Last updated 28 Mar 2015

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