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Get Black Friday-sized shopping bargains from the comfort of your own home

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Published 29 Nov 2014

[cont'd] shop for the customer who wants to get the best price possible on an item because the app acts as your personal shopper and budgeter - as well as a very clever sales spy - all rolled into one. PWUL can track anything you ask it to - from cars to couches to TV sets - so you only ever buy the item you want when the price drops to the target price you've set. It will become your eyes and ears for every single online retailer and will alert you the instant any item you’re after goes into a sale.
After viewing the footage of this year's Black Friday sales there's even more reason to check out an app like this one. Fights, pushing, name-calling...who needs it when you can get similar bargains while sitting in the comfort of your own home? You tell PWUL exactly what you want and, as soon as it hits your designated reduced target price, you'll get an email telling you. PWUL tracks the websites of all the major (and some not-so-major) stores including Argos, Liberty, Made, Reiss, Pramworld, Bathstore and Nissan and a lot, lot more. It only takes a few moments to sign up for alerts. As the by-line says, "Want It. Track It. Get It For Less with Pay What You Like."