Developer description

This app is made specifically for journalists who are using ENG style cameras with internal Time Code. You will be able to match the time displayed on your smartphone with the internal time on your camera. Simply match the free running style Time Code from your camera with the real time on your phone. Very quick and easy to run both equipment. The setup will be complete when both the camera and phone display the same running time as hours, minutes and seconds.

Once setup is completed, the journalist can start recording interviews, press conferences, or any audio directly on their phone with the confidence that the time in the app will match the internal Time Code in the camera and of course, in the video.

No need to wait until the cameraman upload footage into a computer or go back to the station! The journalist can start writing the script immediately after audio recording finish saving precious time. You can save and import audio files into dropbox, share files with Itunes, rename it and much more with the pro version.

Last updated 18 Dec 2015