Developer description

Q Waits Business is a simple, smart, virtual queue management app. Created for businesses, this app helps maintain social distancing inside business premises. It is smart, intelligent, cloud based, and very easy to use.

Available with a free plan, you can use all the essential features of virtual queuing technology, to optimize and streamline your customer flow. For additional features, you can upgrade to any of the available subscriptions anytime.

No more crowded lobbies. Allow customers to get in line from home, their vehicle, or work. They are told via Text (SMS) or App, their wait time and when to arrive in the lobby for your service. This helps keeping your waiting rooms clear and customers happy while reducing wait times.

Unnecessary waiting in a physical queue leads to customer dissatisfaction, which is the main reason many customers go away leaving banks, stores, travel agencies, hospitals, clinics, government institutions and other business. Virtual lineup helps customer walk aways as get to know exactly when to enter the lobby. This waiting can be utilized by doing other important work.

Q Waits Business’s queue management system allows business to handle customer queues smartly and fast. It is intelligent and let customers know how long is the wait time and their position in the queue. Being cloud-based, there is no need to maintain separate dedicated hardware and everything is stored in the cloud. Continuous monitoring of data related to queues, is done in real time and assist to speed up the performance of your team.

This app is a perfect fit for businesses like banks and financial institutions, retail stores, telecommunications, government agencies, universities, colleges, schools, salons and spas and any other business.

It allows to implement a contact less environment. No one needs to touch any common device for booking or be confined to a common waiting area. Everyone use their own phone or tablet.

Last updated 27 Aug 2020

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