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Find out waiting times at shops, clinics and food stores near you during the pandemic

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Tired of standing in long queues and wait for hours before getting into a store? This app helps ... More

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Published 5 Jun 2020

The coronavirus global pandemic has caused masses of problems in the world over the last few months not the least being the horrendous loss of life. Consequently, we have had to change many of the ways in which we live whether it is by self-isolation, social distancing or simply by wearing a mask to prevent the virus spreading any further. Many stores have shut their doors while others remain open but with much reduced capacity. This has caused much consternation for many as people are forced to queue outside supermarkets, banks and medical centers. Restaurants will have similar problems as they begin to reopen but with vastly reduced capacities. So here we have a possible answer.

One thing that hasn't changed is the fact that we humans are still very busy people. no matter if there's a crisis or not. In most cases, we just want to get in and out of shops as quickly as possible. What we don't want is to find ourselves lining up in a queue outside the local medical centre with a whole bunch of potentially sick people all around us, do we? Q Waits is a new free app for Android and iOS that gives up-to-date information on queuing and waiting times for the businesses you may want to visit near you. It does this by calling on customers and visitors to simply log the information when they visit so that fellow citizens get all the up-to-date information and know the...