Developer description

Qanairy is a cloud-based software that automates quality assurance by finding, building, and maintaining user interface tests with the power of artificial intelligence.

Being able to ensure the quality of your product is both financially burdensome and something that only the largest of corporations can properly afford. Qanairy allows you to prioritize QA and save on time, money, and maintenance costs. We empower engineers to spend less time testing so they can spend more time developing their products.

Our auto test generation uses AI to find and build your UI tests for you, so you spend less time creating tests. Our codeless test recorder functionality lets you use your app as your users would, and Qanairy tracks these interactions to create complex functional QA tests. Our test auto repair means that your tests are automatically updated whenever your UI changes.

Onboarding has never been easier. Simply add your domain, click start, and the AI discovers and writes your tests for you. Welcome to the easier way to do QA.

Last updated 2 Sep 2019