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qidiq is a brand new way to collect feedback from the groups you care about.
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Published 20 Oct 2011

Qidiq is a ruthlessly efficient and seriously fast way of collecting feedback and information from all the groups whose opinions you value the most. In an interesting piece of response marketing they have developed a technique that makes it as much of an effort to delete or ignore an email as it is to answer a simple question. Hence, the response rates are much much higher.
Qidiq is a simple mobile and email feedback tool for Android and iPhone that asks a group of people pertinent questions in real time. Respondents answer via email, a web interface, or an iPhone app, usually with a single tap or click. The manager of a feedback group can view and analyze their responses as well as organizing the members of the group .Qidiq is a brand new way to collect feedback from the groups you care about most. It allows you to send questions easily via email  containing a hyperlink for each possible answer. People can respond with just a single click by choosing their answer directly in the email. Herein lies Qidiq's secret weapon as it will take as much effort to delete or even ignore the email as it does to answer it.

Qidiq is a very effective mobile feedback tool that works on all major smartphones and desktop browsers. The spam debate has caused a massive drop in the amount of material that gets through into the email system and it's almost become a hangable offense to spam. Qidiq maneuveres itself cleverly and, by making it the same amount of clicks whether you ignore or answer the question, is a work of genius. This free tool is dangerously clever and must be considered if better feedback is your goal.

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