Developer description

Social networking has changed the world over the past two decades. Our novel Android app — qlaiq — is not only a new social network, but a new kind of social network.

The success of social networks can be attributed to humans being social animals: We like to share our personal interests and lives. Personalization and sharing are at the heart of all social networks. The basic components that can be shared today all fall into one of four categories: 1) text, 2) images, 3) videos, and 4) audio.

The qlaiq social network introduces a new, fifth category of sharing, which has never been used to date: 5) apps. With qlaiq, the user downloads personalizable apps — called qapps — customizes them by imbuing their own pics, and then shares with friends. In effect, users share new apps they have customized to their tastes.

qlaiq is currently in the working beta phase, is available for download, and has been tested successfully by dozens of testers.

As one tester wrote: "I put ... the picture of my dog, cat and bunny and I laughed so much. " That is what qlaiq is about: create your own (q)app — and share with your friends!

Last updated 7 Oct 2019

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