Developer description

The QR Code Scanner can scan and decode all the QR codes types you can find; plain text, telephone numbers, website URLs, contact information, SMS message, email messages, calendar event, locations and much more!

- Fastest QR Code and Barcodes scanner.
- Automatically decode and understand all types of QR codes: contact details, plain text, website links, SMS, geocodes, events, wifi and more.
- Act straight after scanning QR Code:
- Make a call after scanning telephone number.
- Send SMS or email.
- Open link in the browser.
- Open maps application after scanning geocode.
- Add events to calendar right after scanning.
- Add a new contact after scanning a business card QR code.
- Unlimited storage for scan history.
- Generate any type of code: text, URL, email, phone number, SMS, contact, event and more.
- Customize created codes. Change background and foreground color.
- Share or save the generated codes.
- Batch scanning for scanning without interruptions.
- Flashlight supported for low-light environments.

Last updated 17 Dec 2018

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