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Qssum - Quantified Self Sum not only tracks your fitness and health but also quenches the ‘wish I knew how fit/healthy I am’ curiosity in you. With Qssum, in addition to tracking your fitness and health, you can see how you are coping in comparison to other people. What’s more - you can pit yourself against people of same gender, age, height, weight and geography to know how you fare in each category. Suited for each one of us to track how our daily routine, fitness regime and health parameters are tracking against the global averages.


Qssum offers features to the lot among you who exercise regularly and also to those that have desire to be fit. It serves as a motivation by allowing you to track and compare your activity and health profiles.

Qssum at its core is an activity and health data tracker. Your physical activity and health information is read from your device's health app or is imported from your favorite online store.
Qssum scores your -
Steps taken, walking, flights climbed, running, cycling and swimming activity.
Weight, calories intake, calories spent, BMI, BP and Heart Rate.

Grand Score
Qssum also calculates and assigns you a Grand Score - a consolidated indicator of your activity and health graph - each week and month. You can see how your Grand score for a particular week or month compares with others in your:
1. gender group
2. height group
3. weight group
4. BMI group
5. Age group
6. Location group
7. Across all users irrespective of any grouping


- Activity Tracker (Steps, Walking, Flights climbed, Running, Cycling, Swimming)
- Health Indicators Tracker (Weight, calories intake, calories spent, BMI, BP, Heart rate)
- Compares your health and activity data with other users across the globe
- Ranks your activity and health score in different categories
- Ability to track your weekly and monthly scores and standings
- Weekly and monthly data
- Absolute values and relative standing
- Suited for beginners, intermediate and advanced users that are fit or want to get fit

Last updated 28 Dec 2016

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