Developer description

Qstion is an application for publishing live videos in the web. While the video is being broadcasted, users can send their questions or comments, that can be filtered in real-time. It is perfect for managing live interviews, q&a sessions, making interactive presentations or just putting chapters that help finding content in recorded videos.

The video sessions are broadcasted using live streaming video solutions such as Google Hangouts, Livestream or Ustream. Once the video is finished, the questions, comments and video chapters remain published and attached to the video as links to the corresponding cuepoints, so the visitors can jump to any question or comment easily with just a click.

The interviews and q&a’s can be social and interactive. The audience can send their questions before or during the interview and the moderator can filter them in real-time. Questions and comments may also be sent from Twitter using a predefined hashtag.

In a video session there can be various participants, so the organiser can use it to make an interview to someone and moderate the questions and comments that are being sent at the same time. Once the video is finished, it will remain saved in YouTube, Vimeo or any other video platform. The account owner can then edit the video and the content attached to it, improving the video SEO as a result.

Qstion is a great tool for on-line media editors, bloggers, vloggers and content marketers of all kind. It is also a powerful tool for e-learning organisations.

It is free to open an account in Qstion and use it with the Qstion extension for Google Hangouts. There are also premium plans available that let users fully customize the design as well as the domain where the videos are published, among other options.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015