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Developer description

Perhaps, each of us played the sliding tile puzzle game in childhood, right? And what about the Rubik’s Cube? Can you imagine the combination of these games? Then you can imagine what the Quadrex is!

As you probably guessed, in this game you need to move some elements and rearrange them in a certain order. Indeed, you’re right!

Let’s consider the details. You have the game field with square tiles and the picture below that is made of those squares. Something like pixel image, but with big-big pixels. Tiles on the game field are shuffled. Guess what? You need to repeat that picture. But it’s not that straightforward. The tile blocks are grouped into rows and columns, so, you can move them only in four directions – up, down, left and right. Besides, rows and columns are cyclic. It means that when you move the line of tiles to the edge of the gaming field the last tile hides and shows up on the opposite side. You have the opportunity to change the number of elements in the row or column by one. For that purpose, there are free cells between tiles. For better understanding where the element has to stand, that specific locations are marked with dots.

Too easy? Quadrex has levels with varicolored tiles! Only imagine you need to restore two-, three- or even four-colored picture! Herewith the color of the tiles matches the color of the pointing dots. The number of free cells between tiles is gradually decreasing until there is none at all. The playing field also has various sizes – 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and 8x8. Try to cope with the four-colored picture without free cells between tiles on the 8x8 game field.

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With the fast gameplay, smooth graphics and intuitive tap-handling this game will keep you entertained for hours!

Screenshots: https://sf.rollinggames.net/d/c01a22f7c3
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I24o1Gvxg4

Last updated 18 Jun 2015

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