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Developer description

You're Quantum Cat, a bold, intergalactic explorer of space flying on speed boosts, crushing bosses, and...building clothes for your super-fashionable wardrobe! If you're an old school gamer, think Starfox for gameplay inspiration, meets Diablo for the accessory building/collecting aspect. The gameplay uses tilt control with quirks like "Quantum Power" where you can touch and hold the screen to slow down time and use ninja-like control to dodge debris! There's plenty of other classic game mechanics like powerups to pick up, bosses at the end of every 3 levels, and an in-depth system for your cat's stats. Check out a wardrobe of 220 possible shirts, pants, spacesuits, shoes, even mustaches and eyelashes you can equip, all with their own distinct attribute boosts as well. If you're one of those gamers who doesn't like to pay your way through to the top gear (like me), fear not, you can collect cargo crates with the materials that make up the clothing and build any piece in the game! There's all sorts of unique collectibles from cargo too, including blueprints that can drop with rare crafting recipes as well as ingredients to make upgrading hammers which increase your clothing's stats. Ultimately, Quantum Cat's all about bringing a casual, addictive experience in its gameplay mixed with plenty of hardcore gamer features in terms of strategy. Check out our gameplay trailer here: http://www.quantumcat.tv/gameplay/ and the game itself for free here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quantum-cat/id579942689?ls=1&mt=8!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015