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Could this be the new Sudoku?

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Quento gives you the answer - but can you do the math?

Quento is a pure, minimalistic and ... More

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Published 12 Jan 2013

If you have ever read any of Malcolm Gladwell's books you will appreciate the vagaries of the general public. For a start, you can ask yourself why a game like Sudoku took off in such a short amount of time. One minute the only thing that you would find, apart from Peanuts and Hagar The Horrible, on your newspaper's funnies' page was a couple of crosswords. Suddenly, there was a rather taxing little numbers game that sucked everyone in. Now there's at least one Sudoku puzzle in every newspaper. The only trouble is, Sudoku can be a little challenging for some people - especially on the train in the morning when you haven't quite woken up yet.  Quento! has been described as the new Sudoku but has a much simpler concept to its big brother. This challenging but simple free number-puzzle game for iOS is great for your daily dose of brain training.
Quento! is a unique, new puzzle game - for kids as well as adults - that manages to be quite complex despite its pure minimalism. It's a math game that actually gives you the answer and lets you work out how to get there by doing the calculations. It serves very nicely as the daily dose of brain training that many need to start off their day or to get their brain going. It is ideal for education, traveling or just for a quick challenge when you need a break.  Quento is...