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Forget coupons. Quibus is the UBER of couponing

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Quibus by Instadeal is a search engine app that connects users with merchants to offer local ... More

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Published 16 Mar 2017

It's interesting how a simple tweek to a service can totally change the way it works and the way that we live. It wasn't that long ago that we were at the mercy of the cab industry. We had to fit into its busy schedule and wait until a cab came along in order to get to where we wanted to go. Then UBER appeared. It was the same for the hotel industry until AIRBnB revolutionized things there too. Now it's the turn of the coupon industry. Coupons are a great advertising tool for service industries as well as a money saving item for customers. They only trouble is, the customer still has to fit into the service industry's busy schedule. Now Quibus by Instadeal has turned that concept on its head.

Quibus is a search engine app for iOS that connects users with merchants to offer local services at the best deal going. Let's face it, a great deal is only a great deal if it fills your personal criteria. A haircut for ten bucks is useless if it's miles away or if you've read reviews that the cutters' aren't particularly good at their job. Quibus gives users the freedom to decide what a 'deal' is according to their own definition - whether it be price, merchant reviews or distance. In addition to improving the traditional coupon market, Quibus wants to do for services what UBER does for cab rides and AIRBnB...