Developer description

With QuickBooking Free App, just hit the room number tab you likes to reserve and select the meeting date & time. With one simple click, the meeting / conference room is booked. It's that simple! Just small investment, it will improve the productivity at your company administration. The Advance paid edition supports up to 5 meeting rooms, password control, admin setting page, delete logs review etc.
Target Device: Apple iPad / iPad mini / iPad Air Features: - Summary of rooms' availability, one screen to show all rooms' existing bookings. - Calendar control at each booking - Avoids of duplicate booking - Departmental, Name, purpose of meeting details - Delete control - User control Suggested display location - front desk - common area - Via HDMI connector, screen can mirror to large display as common digital signage in the office.
**Tips: You must choose a date in the calendar before starting off the booking schedule. Please welcome to download the user manual from our product link:

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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