Developer description is a completely Free Online “Scrapbook” for your Web Links, Videos, Images & Bookmarks. Yes, we know… there’s a plethora of online bookmarking tools and websites, some of them very popular indeed. So, why the need for Quicklinkr?

Well, it’s simple. We believe the other solutions spend far too much time trying to get your Twitter & Facebook Contacts from you, and not enough time focusing on the real star of the show… your bookmarks.

To that end, Quicklinkr does exactly what it says on the tin (…domain, whatever). It quickly links a website, image, video or anything with a URL and pastes a fully rendered preview of the link in your own personal space (which we call a “Quickboard”).

And get this… you don’t even have to register to use it!

That’s right, no Facebook or Twitter log-ins. No “Hey, we’re free, but first we want you to give us access to your contacts, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook” jazz. Go ahead and start using Quicklinkr as your own personal scrapbook and give your browser tabs a break.

Ofcourse, if you do decide to Register with us, it’s still 100% Free and we’ll let you choose your own Quickboard username. Huzzah!

Last updated 26 Oct 2012

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