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QuickMail is an easy-to-use cold email automation and follow up email tool for sales teams and ... More

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Published 26 Jun 2019

If you're concerned that your email campaigns aren't having quite as much effect as they could do, you should probably pay some attention to this app review. The fact is, email recipients are pretty blaze these days when it comes to email campaigns. You see, they get so many messages in their inboxes that they can quite easily gloss over a regular email whether it's a message from you advertising your services or one from a Nigerian Prince offering to share his wealth. When they are personalized, however, it's a completely different ballgame. When you see an email with your name on it, the chances of your opening it - rather than sending it straight to the rubbish bin - are significantly higher. 

QuickMail is a fine sales app for advertisers and marketers that provides all the features of a good email automation app but with an extra twist - it turns your emails into personalized letters that have an element of warmth to them. This simple-to-use, cold email automation and follow-up tool warms up your sales leads by importing contacts and sending out and following up on personalized, scaled emails to catch the attention of your intended reader. Just connect with your Gmail, Outlook or your existing custom inbox and you can turn simple email communication into an essential sales engine. 

Just set up a schedule for your email campaign and QuickMail will follow it through by initiating email sending as well as automated follow-up emails...