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Published 26 Jun 2019

[cont'd] You can track what happens to your emails too. The app features 'read detection' - so you can see who has clicked on your message - and 'reply detection,' as well as click tracking which will show which leads interact most with the messages that you have sent out. It also carries advanced customization options like custom attributes and email template creation, to help you get more and better responses to your emails.

QuickMail gives you more time to focus on the important stuff - ie closing more sales deals and improving your bottom line - rather than using that time to do tedious manual email outreach work. This app will save you copious amounts of it. Not only by automatically sending out emails but also on follow ups, setting reminders and scheduling. Using QuickMail, you can easily set up a sequence to send out either complex or simple emails one day and then receive your responses the following morning. It's a great way to create new leads and garner new clients and the perfect way to test out and compare your new email content and optimise reply rates.

QuickMail is perfect for small, medium or large teams who are wishing to increase their sales leads effectively. It provides personalized cold email software to get maximum responses as well as follow-up emails just in case there isn't an initial response. Your emails will appear to be personally sent and can feature the recipient's name as well as vital keywords...