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Automate and personalize your email campaigns and create new leads while you get on with your work

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Published 26 Jun 2019

[cont'd] and phrases to grab their attention. All this is done automatically while you get on with other stuff. The app also features email reply detection and tracking as well as email open detection so you're never left wondering whether a potential client has read your message. You can also keep track of high priority warm leads so that you can focus on closing out a deal. 

The bottom line here is to increase the number of positive replies, get more appointments, close more deals and reduce the number of spam complaints and instant rejections. There are several different pricing plans. Right now, the basic plan costs $39 per user, per month (down from the usual $49) while the pro plan will cost you $55 ($69.) there's also an enterprise plan for teams. It's like having your very own personal assistant. QuickMail is a web app that integrates with all your favorite business apps.