Developer description

Are you a software developer that is stuck while waiting for web services from other developers? Or maybe you want to integrate webhooks from 3rd party, but your app is still on a local machine without a public IP/DNS and you cannot test it properly?

QuickMocker is an online API mocking tool that allows to create your own public domain and add a fake endpoints to it with a custom response that you need for you app during development. It has a following benefits comparing to other similar tools:

- public domain name with endpoints management
- intercept and debug requests in a "live mode"
- multiple HTTP methods per endpoint
- Regular Expression URL paths to match multiple patterns as a single endpoint
- shortcodes or dynamic response values
- endpoint prioritization in case endpoints have similar URL pattern
- local forwarder that can forward request even to your localhost URL, which us useful while integrating webhooks

Last updated 9 Nov 2020

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