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Published 18 Jan 2012

Here’s one with a potential double sided benefit in that it can help those people looking for a top-tier lawyer and also act as a marketing tool for those very same legal eagles. Obviously if you’re after the brains of a top-tier lawyer your requirement is unlikely to be in respect of a small family house purchase (unless it’s a mansion in Beverly Hills) or a small unpaid debt claim. In this respect the site is clearly aimed at individuals or businesses with a fairly complex legal issue who are willing to spend the going rate for proven quality.

The search function allows you to state your requirement and then get the details of up to ten lawyers that match your criteria. It’s then up to you which one you approach with the full details of your case although there is nothing stopping you approaching all of them and perhaps benefiting from a bit of an auction on fees.

According to the site these aren’t just any old lawyers and have undergone a thorough vetting process before being accepted to the panel. For a start they will have to have been in practice for at least three years and have no history of disciplinary action. On top of that they have to be suitably rated by both AVVO and Martindale Hubbel to stand any chance of getting their hands on your dollars.

The site has no involvement in the subsequent negotiations and simply provides the platform for contact and negotiation through email, telephone or a live chat function.

From a lawyers point of view the marketing potential is fairly clear as long as the site has plenty of traffic. With a limit on the number of lawyers accepted in any geographical area it shouldn’t get too crowded and with a clearly defined profile highlighting areas of specialism it could be a great addition to the shop window.


It certainly makes sense to shop around for anything and in the case of finding a top-tier lawyer probably even more so. A site like this will certainly cut down on the leg work and hopefully present you with a good working list to choose from.

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