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QuikLee - Trivia and cognitive tasks to spark your mind into action

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QuikLee is the ultimate brain training blended with trivia. You compete with your family and ... More

Editor's review

Published 7 May 2019

If you looked down your high street ten years ago you would see a plethora of retail shops. Clothes shops, greengrocers, video and DVD stores, book shops and newspaper stores would have been the order of the day. If you look down the same street these days you will see that so many of those shops have disappeared. What used to be your local video store is now a fitness club, a Thai massage center, a health food shop, a mixed martial arts club, a nutritionist or a physiotherapy lab. We've never been so aware of our bodies and have never gone to such extreme lengths to look after them.

While exercise takes care of the physical wellness, but what about the most important part of our body - our brain? If we could only offer our gray matter the same kind of attention that we give to our bodies I think the world would be a better and smarter place. Some people already do exercise their minds on a regular occasion with the aid of crosswords puzzles, numbers games and brain teasers. However, there's only so much Sudoku you can take.  So here we'd like to introduce a new app for iOS and Android that not only goes a good way to training and stimulating your brain but does it with the discipline of a martial arts master.

QuikLee is the ultimate brain trainer that couples puzzles with trivia to expand one's knowledge base and exercise your mind. You can compete against the computer in single player mode or challenge your friends and family in multiplayer mode and become a QuikLee master earning belts in the same way that Kung Fu masters do. Not only will you enhance your knowledge of the world, you'll also be using parts of your brain that you don't always use. Oh, and did I mention that you'll have a heck of a lot of fun doing it. 

The app is very simple to use. Just start off by picking who you want to challenge whether it be the computer, a friend or a bunch of friends. Head to the options section where you will find a huge variety of trivia questions ranging from history to geography to sport to television, movies and entertainment. There's a heap of different categories to suit everybody. Then it's just a question of answering the questions and completing various tasks as accurately and quickly as possible. To win you just have to finish the round before anyone else does. The more you play and win, the more belts you'll earn and your rivalry status will be boosted. 

The big difference between this app and other regular trivia quiz apps is that this one is designed specifically for stimulating the brain. One minute you could be answering a question about the size of Kazakhstan while the next you could find yourself doing more cerebral things like completing an action or task by using your cognitive skills. QuikLee is a great way to increase your knowledge and sharpen your mind while you still have a lot of fun. It doesn't matter whether you have five minutes to spare whilst commuting to or from work or if you have a few hours free. This addictive little app will motivate you, stimulate your brain, sharpen your mind and get you up to speed real fast. You can play whenever you want, wherever you want and for as long as you want. QuikLee is available now for free for Android, iPhone or iPad at the relevant app store. 

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