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Pythagorus' Theory should wake you up in the morning

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Quiz Alarm is a simple alarm application that has very interesting feature. It asks questions ... More

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Published 30 Jul 2012

There have been some weird and wacky digital alarm clock apps to  wake you up in the morning. Anyone remember the one that threatened to call a different contact in your address book every three minutes until you wake up or the one that donated $10 from your bank account to a charity that's NOT of your choice every time the snooze button gets hit. Quiz Alarm is a free alarm clock app that will wake you up pretty damned quick as it asks you a question when the alarm rings. Fail to get it right and your neighbors will be banging on your door pleading for you to answer it correctly.
Quiz Alarm is a simple alarm application that has a very interesting feature. It asks you questions when you wake up and, if you don't get the answer right, the alarm will just keep on buzzing. There are two types of questions available to you and you can either choose graphical and arithmetic problems to solve. Graphical questions mean that you need to ask a specific given question when using the presented picture. Arithmetic questions means that you need to complete an arithmetic exercise based on four basic arithmetic operations. You can alter many of the parameters of the Quiz Alarm application. You can change the number of questions, the type of questions and even their difficulty. At the moment, here are more than two hundred questions in the system that you can choose from...