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Developer description

There are various incidents that pull us down. But thanks to the motivating and aspiring quotes, they keep our spirits alive and going! People love to inspire others and get inspired at every stage in their lives. And there can't be a better way then technology to spread the word.

Quotable Quotes is an App which is full of wonderful quotes shared by the renowned and the famous people. This app can be used by you to share and make yourself and the people around you smile. In this app, there are quotes for every moment, feeling and incident.

The quotable quotes are listed alphabetically so that you can search for your favorite quote easily. Here is the first alphabetical category for you to have a glimpse at:

• Ability quotes
• Achievement quotes
• Action quotes
• Age quotes
• Ambition quotes

It also has a section named 'Favorite Lists' wherein you can add your favorite quotes and read them whenever you want. Isn't that amazing? Now there is no need to waste your time on the internet looking for quotable quotes. Download the app and see what wonders it can work for you!

Last updated 23 May 2014