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QuoteBase helps you quickly create beautiful PDF price quotes that your customer will love. ... More

Editor's review

Published 20 Sep 2011

Quotebase is a simple free online way to create, archive and send professional looking quotes to customers.

By signing in users have access to a suite of functions that can initiate a quote and can also add a list of collaborators who can work alongside and speed up the process by spreading the workload or work remotely.

Once the final details are entered into the relevant boxes the site can produce a professional PDF file, complete with a user’s logo that can then be emailed to the customer along with any document attachments. The system also has a function where an email from a customer can be quickly turned into a quote.

All quotes can then be tracked for responses and then archived for any subsequent reference needs and a multiple currency function allows quotes to be raised in many currencies of the world.

On its own it’s a simple site that might well be of use to some small businesses. In this day and age though, with all of the CRM applications available that link quotes and estimates to other useful functions it seems to be a bit of a one trick pony.


One trick pony it might be but it is produced by Future Simple who also have PipeJump on the web.



This simple CRM tool might therefore work well alongside QuoteBase.