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Quote Sentinel is a web based stock monitoring application that watches your stocks and notifies ... More

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Published 4 Oct 2011

If you merely dabble in the stock market or perhaps take it a bit more seriously than that you too can look like Gordon Gekko with quotesentinel.com ticking away on your PC.

This application gives you a web based stock monitoring system that will relieve you of the tedious task of logging in and doing separate searches for the stocks you hold or the stocks you’re interested in.

Like any investment, you want to keep an eye on performance but don’t want to be a slave to the PC screen to the detriment of other important things you should be doing. Setting up a Quotesentinel account and applying the PriceWatch function to your portfolio will give you the freedom to get on with other stuff safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss a rise or fall in important stock values and the chance to make or save money.

The central dashboard of the application is where it all happens. Here you can enter all of the stocks you hold or are interested in and set the relevant high and low price triggers that will nudge you into action to buy, sell or hold depending on your strategy.

You can opt for email or text alerts allowing you the freedom to get out and get on with other things like shopping for groceries. The great thing about getting information on the move is you can also deal with it instantly. You may also get a few looks as you...