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Published 6 Nov 2020

When I was a lad, coding was known simply as computer programming. These days, according to Wikipedia, computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program in order to accomplish a specific task, while the language it's written in is known as coding. It's the art of finding a sequence of instructions that tell a computer what to do in order to achieve a desired result. Computer programming used to be solely the destination of university students but these days, kids can go to coding camp in their school holidays to learn how to design games and plenty of other things. Of course though, it's not THAT simple. There are many other elements that contribute to the coding game that need to be learnt. 

There are numerous online and in person courses available all over the world where you can learn coding skills but many are not worth your time or money. Many start off with the right intentions but soon are awash with duplicated courses with many written by 'armchair experts.' So, where do you start to learn code properly and effectively? Qvault is a one-stop shop for high quality programming courses and articles with all the courses handcrafted by the Qvault team of experts and with no third party content whatsoever. Your Main Street course could mean that you are paying for a bricks and mortar set up as well as tutors and textbooks. However, Qvault provides simple gamified curriculums for everyone - from absolute beginners to mid level developers - directly to your browser. 

Whereas many universities and online learning institutions offer multiple courses covering quite similar subjects, Qvault goes for quality over quantity. While many potential students can spend half their time trying to work out which is the best course for their needs, Qvault offers just one hand-crafted course for each subject. What's more, you will know that it is of the highest quality around with courses updated and enhanced on a regular basis. Students are kept motivated and engaged with free content offered as a reward for fine achievements which 'gamifies' the learning experience. 

Courses available fit under the following banners: Intro to Functional Programming, Big-O Algorithms, Practical Cryptography, Go Mastery, Basic Intro to Coding and Interview Prep - Go. The Basic Intro course is for those of us who've never actually written code and guides students through the basics of coding in JavaScript. Functional Programming is a five-module course built for developers who already understand the concept but want to learn more while the Big-O is perfect for engineers who may need a refresher course on the basics. Either that or they simply want to speed up their programmes. The Cryptography course is for developers who want to learn about security while Go Mastery is a six-module course that deals with the Go language and syntax. FInally, there's the Interview Prep coding course that prepares the applicant for any job in the industry. When you sign up with Qvault, the Interview Prep two module course is totally free

Given the devastation that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused all over the world there are going to be an awful lot of people looking for new roads to employment over the coming years. One of the boom industries will undoubtedly be computers and coding. Whether you are just out of school or college and deciding where your career wants to take you or, if you are looking to move into a new industry that will provide you with a future, Qvault is a very reliable way of getting there. The developers aim to give you the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree for less than US$1000 (and in many cases much less than that.) With employers, these days, seeming to require a piece of official paper stating that you are proficient in your computer and coding skills then Qvault is a great way to provide that. 

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