Developer description

Ever wished you had the who wants to be a millionaire “ask the audience” help in real life?

Well, qzzy is just that, a crowd-sourcing community for opinions!

With qzzy asking is always unbiased, easy and fun:

• Our app was built to be unbiased, you never know who asked the question or who answered it. Users can discuss results and reveal themselves in their news feed!
• Creative - Choose the template that works for you, use images for your questions and answers
• Rewards - Gain qzzy credits for answering other member’s questions and move up through our ranking system’ unlocking new abilities and greater rewards.
• Discuss - when you answer a question on qzzy you also get the results allowing you to discuss them!
• Instant results - Get real time updates on your questions
• Get free daily credits to offer members to answer your questions!

qzzy is great for helping with everyday decisions, from choosing what to wear to getting another opinion on what color fits your living loom, the possibilities are endless!

Last updated 10 Jul 2017