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Published 3 Nov 2012

It seems rather appropriate, on this weekend that the New York Marathon has been cancelled owing to the disastrous weather conditions that have stricken the area over the last week or so, to introduce you to a rather good running application for iPhone. Race Finder is a health and fitness app that is aimed at helping running enthusiasts of all types reach their goals by locating thousands of road races and fun runs all over the world. Race Finder is an app for serious runners and something to aspire to for the casual types as it provides a comprehensive guide to all things concerning the age old foot race.
RaceFinder helps running enthusiasts to achieve their racing goals by providing instant information on over 40,000 running races, marathons, half marathins, 5K, 10k and fun runs around the U.S. and the world. It helps running enthusiasts locate races, whether across town, around the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, if it comes to that.  If you are a serious runner then this is your must-have app but, if you just like a good run every now and then, this could be described as your next-step toolkit. And, if you can only describe yourself as a couch potato, this might just be the motivation to get you off your butt and plan your fitness program. RaceFinder is conveniently located on your iPhone and is very user friendly. Whether racing for fun or pursuing marathons, users can search by location or race name with results displayed in both map and list views. Click the map pin or the list item for detailed race info -  including a direct link to the event’s website. Users can filter searches by distance and dates as well as being able to search for races by keyword. There's a very convenient calculator that determines target heart rate and body mass index.
There are a squillion health and fitness applications knocking around for runners but I haven't come across one that has its emphasis on running races before. I read that there were people coming from all around the world to run in the New York marathon - even one coming all the way from the quaintly named North Curl Curl in Australia - and it always amazes me that people will travel that far for a road race. But to run in races in such amazing places as New York City, Sydney and Cincinnati (who said Cincinnati?) turns both fun runs and serious marathons into something special. Race Finder is a cool running app for runners that like to get around.

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