Developer description

This game is made for someone who appreciates fine the legendary muscle cars. The way this game works is that you go to the garage and pick any car you want out of five (5) Legendary Muscle Cars (Camaro SS/RS; Charger Daytona; Dodge Charger; Plymouth Road Runner and Shelby GT 500E).

You can even run an actual horsepower test to see which one has the horsepower you'd like before you select your car. If you don't pick a car, you will automatically be assigned the Red Road Runner car. You can also change the high definition (HD) paint; chrome; and neon options as well as get extra 29 Nitrous sprays as an add-on. To begin racing, you will first go through maneuverability training for the car you selected.

You must pass through each of the green check point once around the track. When finished, you must then complete Nitrous Training down a Quarter Mile strip against an opponent car. This nitrous spray does not count against purchased nitrous. Repeat this race until you win. Then you will advance through the levels within the game beginning with a street race (Level One) in a large city scene.

As you advance through the levels, the game will advance your engine package and/or advance the street or race track to a new level. Other aspects to mention is that this app has working engines underneath the hood; realistic engine sounds; and very cool sliding gas pedal for very good throttle control! Also, Each vehicle as been tuned for how much horse power response you can get from the vehicles throttle system individually. This app is one to keep in your collection of games for years to come!

Last updated 29 Dec 2020