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All the excitement and speed of real muscle car racing with a free 3 day trial

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This application is a one of a kind single player classic muscle car racing game application. ... More

Editor's review

Published 12 May 2022

When you read stories about modern race car drivers like Lewis Hamilton you'll see that they all grew up playing car racing games like Gran Turismo and Need For Speed. I can't attest that it improved their driving skills but it did give them a taste for speed. Now there's a new kid on the block that fulfils all expectations and its name is Racing Old School Muscle Style III. This racing game app for iOS brings the speed and the excitement of muscle car racing back to life in high resolution 3D. 

Racing OSM is a classic, unique and very competitive muscle car racing game that puts the excitement and atmosphere of car racing right back into the palm of your hand. And that's where the fun really begins because these cars can hit speeds of over 200mph when you reach the higher levels. What's more, they won't flip over even at the top speeds or going around bends. To add total authenticity, the cars look amazing and you'll not only hear the roar of crowds cheering for you, you'll also hear the realistic engine noises as you hurtle around the track....and its loud. 

The objective of the game is to move through the various levels via visible checkpoints at each track. As you get better and better and overcome your opponents you'll move up to the next level and your engine and braking powers are automatically ramped up as you progress. There are five opponents and four levels with the first two levels on city circuits. However, the third and fourth levels are on actual race tracks and that's where you can experience the excitement of the crowds and the really high speeds using the nitrous element. 

You can pick any car that you want from the garage - there are both small and large cars in there - and you can customize and tune them to your own specifications. The level of detail is fantastic and, if you lift up the hood on your car, you'll even see real moving VR parts under there. Nitrous is free for subscription and trial payment plans and you'll receive training in how to use it properly along with general maneuverability  training. Your first 100 nitrous sprays are complimentary. 

Racing OSM Style III is excitement plus and gets nothing but high praise wherever you look. The cars race at ridiculously realistic high speeds - from 120 up to 205mph on the race circuits - and the gameplay is as smooth as silk. The atmosphere from the 3D crowd is pretty amazing and you'll hear them roar as you hurtle around that final bend. The other REALLY GREAT news is that there's a 3-Day Trial that will let you test out the game and discover just how good it is. Alternatively, you can subscribe for under six bucks per month or purchase it outright for under fifty bucks - depending on where you live, of course. This game might not turn you into the next Lewis Hamilton but you'll have a heck of a lot of fun while you try. It's available for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

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