Developer description

This game is a one of a kind high definition Muscle car game. It was built for IOS devices. The name of the app is Racing OSM Style. It stands for Racing Old School Muscle Style. It was modeled after great looking muscle cars from the late sixties era. This game has the ability to store car profiles in a database it creates on the IOS device itself.

There are a few things that make this app unique. Number one , this game application is database-driven down to the very aspect of the car clone creation. Secondly, this game allows users to store profiles for the car within the app itself. Third, this game uses one of a kind real V8 engine sound bites which are created using animation curves and the actual rpm values from the car wheels, a true masterpiece!

Lastly, the cars in this game use 3-D polygon mesh gauges which are changeable and emit real light out of each element in the gauges. For what it is, it's truly amazing!

Last updated 3 May 2019

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