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New Generation of Professional Networking App

Apart from social networking sites, We use professional networks to find more opportunities. Everyone has a hidden purpose in mind when it comes to professional/business networking like find a job, business partnerships, get funding, hire new talents etc. Conventional Professional networks are about building bulky friends lists which is not enough to achieve our goals.

For a healthy professional relationship, the key purpose between two people should match in the first place. With the help of machine learning, Radii can open up an infinite number of possibilities by matching professionals based on their networking goal. Users can set their goals and you will be connected with professionals who can fulfil your goals. Radii also ranks professionals based on common interests, industry and location suggested by advanced machine learning algorithms.

Secondly, how many of us talked with all of our connections in our social network? To establish a bond, good communication is required other than reading some posts from our connections. In Radii, a chat will be triggered once a match is found which makes sure you have talked at least once with every connection we have.

Don't limit your possibilities inside our isolated network. Radii help us to meet new people outside of our individual circle which promise extensive professional growth.


Last updated 21 May 2020

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