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Published 4 Jun 2014

The inference from Apple forking out US$3 million for Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine's Beats headphones and the music streaming service Beats Music is that it's only a matter of time before iTunes and the concept of 'owning music' bites the dust. The way we listen to music is changing. According to recent figures released by Digital Music News, digital downloads are down by around 14% this year alone and the trend seems to be drifting towards radio streaming as a way of accessing music. The concept behind streaming radio is that, when you select an artist or a song, the app will suggest and play similar artists and songs for you and create a potential playlist. Radiodile takes that idea one step further by making the app fully customizable so you can listen to a much better mix of the the music that you like best.
Radiodile helps you say goodbye to Radio Ga-Ga by giving you more control over the music that you listen to with the aid of a bunch of hardcore, control-freak features that just don't appear on similar apps. It is the world’s first custom streaming radio app and, whats more, is powered by the prestigious SoundCloud and music services. But, you say, there are heaps of Internet radio 'stations' around that do similar things. So how is this one different to the others? Well, unlike the rather rigid format of similar apps, Radiodile features its very own, patent-pending 'Variety Dial' technology to completely customizing the music that you want to listen to lets you better decide how varied your music station should be. The app uses a simple radio dial to determine whether you only want to listen to your featured artist or if you maybe want to be turned on by something a little different. Just turn the dial to the right for more variety or to the left to only listen to the core artist(s) that you specifically selected for your station. This lets you create your custom radio station and have it tailored much better to your musical taste. First up you can create your custom radio station with your favorite artists and powered by the innovative music service. You can then choose remixes, cover versions, podcasts, live jams and other alternative versions to the playing track from Soundcloud and share them with your friends. Unlike other radio services, you get unlimited skips so, if there is a song you aren't interested, you can just move on to the next one.
There have been worries in the past about the 'ownership' of the music that you purchase through iTunes. It seems a bit morbid but, what does happen to your legally obtained music after you depart this mortal coil? The future seems to be streaming radio where you pay a monthly fee and can listen to your favorite music whenever you want and wherever you are. Radiodile is a free music app that helps shape the ever-changing world of streaming music for the future. The app looks good, seems to work very well and gives you a chance to change the music feed that is heading in your direction. Music is accessed from - one of the better music providers around - and will give you way more than just Beyonce and Bruno Mars. You can customize the app so you only listen to your featured artists or turn the dial to stretch out a bit. If this is the way that we are going to be served up our sounds than I'm all in favor of it.

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