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Published 2 Nov 2011

If your website is getting a bit long in the tooth and is basically just the company brochure but available online then radium3 might be the option you need to drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

This revolutionary move doesn’t need the addition of a technical whizz kid to the staff either as according to the site, if you can send an email then you can edit and update the content with the same skillset.

For businesses today the website is such an important part of any marketing strategy and usually the first place potential customers hit on. Giving them a level of interaction is therefore essential as a static site will just give them the impression of a static business.

Depending on your budget you can choose from a number of plans starting at just $29 a month for a 10 page website with 1GB of storage.  As for the actual design there are a number of options ranging in price from absolutely free to $3,495 for radium3’s Signature Design service. All pricing plans include every feature available.

Bring your website up to date with the inclusion of online forms, blogs and podcasts to name just a few, and keep it updated by using the editing tools provided. You can even run an online store with checkout capability and let radium3 keep an eye on inventory levels for you. Every plan comes with some search engine tools included and for higher value plans...